Rise of Functions as a Service: How PHP Set the “Serverless” Stage 20 Years Ago

From 2000 to now — a brief timeline of tools, languages, and adoptive companies that brought us to “serverless”

Beginning with PHP: The “Simpler Times” Really Were Simpler

Timo Mihaljov, @noidi, summarizing the elegance of PHP development

“Webscale”: The New World of Software

The Problems With “Webscale” Engineering

“Webscale” 2.0: Containers

“Serverless” 1.0: Back to PHP Roots

Conclusions: What’s Next?

How Do I Get Started with “Serverless” Architecture?

Happy Building!




Solving problems since 1988.

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Keith Horwood

Keith Horwood

Solving problems since 1988.

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